How does your service work?  

Select either CUSTOM or from our FAVOURITES PICKS. Then fill an order form and add to cart. Select a delivery day and time, pay for your orders and enjoy the best meals and customer service!

What kind of food do you cook?  

We believe in eating food made from real, whole, natural ingredients. We cook healthy, fresh, meals and are able to accommodate any personal dietary needs or allergies. We have tailored customs meals for clients on specific diets such as gluten free, vegetarians, pescatarian, whole, paleo, and keto-genic.

Do your meals come frozen?

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves in fresh-made products. So our meals maintain all the nutrients and the fresh quality.  

When do we deliver?

We deliver Sunday and Wednesday. Beginning at 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Orders for Sunday need to be submitted by 8pm on Thursday
Orders for
Wednesday need to be submitted by 8pm on Sunday

How long do my meals last?

Generally our meals will last up to 5 days in refrigeration under 40 degrees. We suggest you freeze any meal that does not get consumed in 5 days.

 Do you deliver meals cold or hot?

We deliver our meals cold in micro-wave safe containers to maintain the safest and healthiest standards.