Meal Set Go is a premiere meal-prep and healthy catering company.

Our mission is to provide healthy meals to the Winnipeg community and surrounding area. Our clients are eating with their dietary goals in mind. By using only wholesome and fresh ingredients, we strive to make it possible to eat healthy, nutritious food without sacrificing flavour.

We deliver Sunday and Wednesday. Beginning at 6:00pm until 9:00pm. Orders for Sunday need to be submitted by 8pm on Thursday. Orders for Wednesday need to be submitted by 8pm on Sunday.

For more information about how Meal Set Go works, read our FAQ.

Meal Prep


My lunches are always fresh and delicious and leaves me feeling full and satisfied. I would recommend Meal Set Go to anyone. It’s affordable and makes my weekday mornings so much easier.

Deanna Christenson

Through competition prep and off-season, MealSetGo has been our household "go to", delivering close to 20 pounds of protein to our door every week - cooked and seasoned exactly as my diet plan dictates.

Lisa Mackenzie

I was recommended MealSetGo, suddenly this hurdle in my life had been solved like that. Ken makes life THAT much easier by preparing my meals for me to how I specifically want, the amazing taste and incredible convenience.

Dr. Brett Wee